Materials Procurement

Material Procurement

Procurement by Pavecost

enables our customers to achieve the best available pricing and lead-time for project control and inventory management, this requires human resources with appropriate contacts and market knowledge. Our Materials team has extensive experience to procure all types of materials, supported by our MRP system to control orders from receipt to delivery. Ongoing products are monitored for pricing and lead-times to ensure best costs and availability are maintained.


Free Issued / Consigned materials should be supplied shortage
free with delivery and necessary paperwork for the agreed production
processes. PCBs in particular need to be discussed to ensure the correct
design format for optimum production and quality.


Procured materials are sourced from approved suppliers, including PCB blanks, electronic components, electro-mechanical parts, plastic and metalwork. Franchised distribution is used, unless customer lead time and obsolescence issues dictate otherwise by agreement.




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