Our Services

Prototyping & New Product Introduction

Pavecost Manufacturing dedicated prototyping manufacturing cell, offers a quality driven, high technology, rapid prototyping service capable of production quantities as little as one.

  • Fast Turn Around Time
  • Hand or Machine Builds
  • Materials Procurement or build from Free Issue Kit
  • Provide the service required by the design engineering team to ensure the rapid development of the product.

Design for manufacture

Feedback from your design is available from our team of specialist engineers, who will evaluate your design to ensure optimum quality, reliability & productivity.


Our aim is to:

  • Capture the production engineering issues to provide pro-active production process development meets the needs of both Design and Production Engineering Teams
  • Provide design-for-test and design-for-manufacturing data to enable engineering to optimise the board design and layout for the final production process.
  • Engineering Consultation – Design for Manufacture and Test Reporting
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PCB Testing – Test department

All PCBs and assemblies are fully tested using bespoke functional test equipment. We offer full diagnostic fault finding capabilities to component level by highly qualified electronic engineers.


Our aim at functional test is to achieve a 100% pass rate and this is only possible by the dedication and commitment to allow nothing through test unless it is perfect.


We often design and build unique in-house test equipment to met stringent customer requirements. As well as utilising customer specific equipment into our own test environment.

The aim at functional test is to achieve a 100% pass rate and this is only possible by the dedication and commitment to allow nothing through test unless it is perfect.

Through Hole Technology

As well as investing heavily in surface mount technology, we also maintain a well equipped through-hole facility along with retaining a large and skilled workforce for this type of work.Although an established technology our customers have continuing requirements in this technology and we have invested in both processes and people to ensure that this remains a core process at Pavecost Manufacturing.

We have full capability for assembling both Through-Hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies and can also offer a number of additional services such as conformal coating etc. In addition, we can also undertake device programming and the configuration of PCB assemblies prior to despatch.

Through-hole components are formed, populated and soldered to PCBs by hand or automatic soldering processes. A Lead-free wave solder machine offers a volume soldering capability. This enables us to make products with odd components or special requirements, and manufacture through-hole products quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Most assemblies can be inspected using our AOI automated optical inspection equipment.

Conventional build Highlights

  • Single or multi-layer PCBs assembled to the highest quality standards.
  • Hand solder or Automatic process.
  • 100% inspected for solder and placement defects.
  • Electronic testing to special requirements.
  • Final product assembly
  • Setup, programming and configuration
  • Wiring and cable harness assembly
  • Test and configuration of complete products
  • Potting, encapsulation and heat shrinking
  • Bespoke test rigs where required
  • Processor and GAL programming
  • Packaging and shipping

Surface Mount Technology

In our 25 year history, surface mount assembly has changed significantly. But with our commitment to ongoing capital expenditure we ensure we are always at least one step ahead of our customer’s requirements with qualified equipment and processes capable of handling the most advanced component packages. We Feel that Pavecost Manufacturing boasts one of the most sophisticated and advanced SMT manufacturing capabilities in the UK.



For over 10 years Pavecost Manufacturing have been assembling PCB’s with BGAs, and now routinely assemble products with multiple BGA and uBGAs on both single sided and double sided boards.Over the years we have paid particular attention to the stencil design.  We will assess the pitch and ball size and resulting aspect ratio for the stencil.  Depending on those results we will recommend standard laser cut, laser cut with an etched step, or an electroformed stencil with specific thicknesses to suit.As part of our normal manufacturing process we will X-Ray and AOI Inspect all BGAs. By having x-ray and AOI inspection we are always 100% confident that our processes are perfectly set up.


Our equipment and processes are qualified down to 0201 size components. We always strive to be at least one step ahead and have therefore invested in surface mount placement, along with all the other steps in the process including inspection and test, for the assembly of these tiny parts.



Chip on Chip, or Package on Package (PoP) is an emerging technology whereby one component is placed directly onto pads on the top of a previously placed component.Over the last year we have taken time to obtain samples, attend SMART group conferences, review process requirements with TDK and Suzuki etc.  As a result we are in a position to assemble these types of devices as and when the need arises.However, we would recommend that prior to finalising a layout you discuss the manufacturability of these parts and your product as our success will be greatly influenced by your design.

At Pavecost Manufacturing we have 3 fully integrated surface mount lines for main production, with a combined output of 90,000 CPH.

Some of our manufacturing equipment includes:


  • SPEEDPRINT SP700AVI full automatic screen printer with 3D inspection & glue option
  • SPEEDPRINT SP210AVI full automatic screen printer with 3D inspection
  • TDK MA-2 Multi Function Pick & Place up to 13,500 CPH, +/-0.04mm placements
  • TDK MA-2n Multi Function Pick & Place up to 16,300 CPH, +/-0.04mm placements
  • ESSEMTEC  RO400FC Multi zone reflow oven built in profile/prediction software
  • DCB AUTOMATION UltraVision Full colour with laser height check AOI inspection system
  • X-TEK 160kVA capacity real time X-Ray video system, 2 micron resolution
  • Electronix Summit 750 BGA rework

We have invested considerably in off line set up facilities including additional feeders and carts to allow the rapid change over of jobs and ultimately improving lead-times for our customers.




Full Turnkey Assembly

Pavecost Manufacturing offers a fast, efficient, cost effective full turnkey solution, we provide everything from basic PCB manufacture through to complete product assembly delivered directly to the end user.You’ll have the full support of our design and production engineering team throughout the process, so any potential problems can be identified and dealt with as quickly as possible.

You can count on us !

Pavecost Manufacturing has built it’s reputation on delivering quality products on time, every time.

The comprehensive range of services we offer includes:

  • Design support
  • Procurement
  • Automatic optical inspection (AOI)
  • Electro-mechanical assemblies
  • Rack wiring
  • Final assembly
  • Full functional testing
  • Packing and shipping services
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Kanban


Material Procurement

Procurement by Pavecost

enables our customers to achieve the best available pricing and lead-time for project control and inventory management, this requires human resources with appropriate contacts and market knowledge. Our Materials team has extensive experience to procure all types of materials, supported by our MRP system to control orders from receipt to delivery. Ongoing products are monitored for pricing and lead-times to ensure best costs and availability are maintained.


Free Issued / Consigned materials should be supplied shortage
free with delivery and necessary paperwork for the agreed production
processes. PCBs in particular need to be discussed to ensure the correct
design format for optimum production and quality.


Procured materials are sourced from approved suppliers, including PCB blanks, electronic components, electro-mechanical parts, plastic and metalwork. Franchised distribution is used, unless customer lead time and obsolescence issues dictate otherwise by agreement.




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Whether you’re curious about our capabilities or you have a requirement that you would like our help with, we’re here to answer any questions.