Through Hole Technology

Through Hole Technology

As well as investing heavily in surface mount technology, we also maintain a well equipped through-hole facility along with retaining a large and skilled workforce for this type of work.Although an established technology our customers have continuing requirements in this technology and we have invested in both processes and people to ensure that this remains a core process at Pavecost Manufacturing.

We have full capability for assembling both Through-Hole and mixed technology PCB assemblies and can also offer a number of additional services such as conformal coating etc. In addition, we can also undertake device programming and the configuration of PCB assemblies prior to despatch.

Through-hole components are formed, populated and soldered to PCBs by hand or automatic soldering processes. A Lead-free wave solder machine offers a volume soldering capability. This enables us to make products with odd components or special requirements, and manufacture through-hole products quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Most assemblies can be inspected using our AOI automated optical inspection equipment.

Conventional build Highlights

  • Single or multi-layer PCBs assembled to the highest quality standards.
  • Hand solder or Automatic process.
  • 100% inspected for solder and placement defects.
  • Electronic testing to special requirements.
  • Final product assembly
  • Setup, programming and configuration
  • Wiring and cable harness assembly
  • Test and configuration of complete products
  • Potting, encapsulation and heat shrinking
  • Bespoke test rigs where required
  • Processor and GAL programming
  • Packaging and shipping


Whether you’re curious about our capabilities or you have a requirement that you would like our help with, we’re here to answer any questions.